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Knowlegdge and networking of good people cant be stolen by any pirate!
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Key Features
Aug1992 Batch
Welcome to the egroup of ex-COSLites and ex-CITILites (CITICORP SOFTWARE). This group is exclusively for people who had worked earlier at COSL or CITIL for atleast an year.

Some of the brightest, intelligent people are picked up by Citicorp Software. People from various backgrounds come together and forge a vibrant work-culture. These people who have spread their wings to be part of some of the best companies worldwide. Many of them have become entrepreneurs too! This forum is to facilitate networking of these special group of people.

The Objectives of this group are :

Create a e-network of ex-CITILites & ex-COSLites
Share knowledge
Professional Advancement
Collaboration for further achievement
And many more ....

There is an egroup created specially for this purpose. This is a restricted group. Members have to be authorised to join the group. They can be either by invitation or a referral. You are eligible if you have worked for about an year at Citicorp Software. If so, contact us.

NOTE : This network is a private network and is not affiliated to CITICORP/CITIBANK. All trademarks are of respective organisations and this group is solely for networking of people.

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Did you know...

There are ex-COSLites & ex-CITILities working in most of the countries in the world?

Lord Ganesh is the icon of Citicorp Software?
Lord Ganesh is also the icon of the freedom struggle and is one of the most prominent festivals in Maharastra?

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